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Great stories, impeccable style and with a definitive voice, SciFiNow is both immensely rewarding for genre veterans and instantly accessible to new fans. Driven by a dedicated, fervent community that interact with the brand at every possible level, SciFiNow has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the booming cult entertainment sector. In an industry of blockbusters and groundbreaking effects, SciFiNow stands as a true champion of quality entertainment.

Brand values

  • Created by geeks, loved by fans
  • Passionate about all areas of sci-fi, be it film, TV or literature
  • The leading authority on retro sci-fi and fantasy
  • Definitive opinion, unmoved by hype

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Contacts at SciFiNow

Steve Wright, Editor
01202 586201

Aaron Asadi, Publishing Director (Board)
01202 586261

Hang Deretz, Head of Sales
01202 586442

0844 856 0644

+44 (0)1795 592 864
Cathy Blackman, Head of International Licensing
01202 586401