Utopia Series 2 confirmed by Channel 4

Channel 4′s Utopia gets “imaginative, outrageous and brilliantly intriguing” second series

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Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Jessica Hyde in Utopia Series 1
Fiona O’Shaughnessy as Jessica Hyde in Utopia Series 1

Despite the poor ratings of Utopia‘s first series, Channel 4 have comissioned a second run from the controversial near-future thriller, hopefully to resolve some of those linger plot threads.

“Thanks to the extraordinary creativity of Dennis Kelly, Marc Munden and the team at Kudos, the first series of¬†Utopia¬†shocked and delighted critics and fans by turns,” said Channel 4′s head of drama Piers Wenger.

“We are thrilled to announce the further adventures for¬†Utopia‘s eclectic cast of characters which are already shaping up to be more imaginative, outrageous and brilliantly intriguing than the first.”

Chief Executive of Kudos Film and TV Jane Featherstone added: “The phenomenal audience response to¬†Utopia¬†over the six-week run was hugely rewarding for everyone involved.

“We are chuffed to bits that Jay, Piers and Sophie at Channel 4 have asked us to make another series of¬†Utopia¬†as this means we all get the chance to watch as Dennis unravels his unique and imaginative world even further. I can’t wait!”

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