The Walking Dead Season 3: Rick Grimes is “out of control”

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman talks Rick Grimes in the second half of Season 3

The Walking Dead Season 3
The Walking Dead Season 3
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead‘s alpha survivalist Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has been on a collision course with sanity ever since the inception of the ‘Ricktatorship’. Now he’s haunted by his dead wife – figuratively, that is, it’s important to make that distinction in a show about zombies – the sheriff’s deputy is about to go off the rails in the second half of Season 3.

“He’s a person who’s bearing the weight of everyone’s survival on his shoulders, and I think that’s become a little bit unbearable,” comic creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman told TVLine.

“He’s certainly spiraling out of control. And now he’s starting to see [dead people]. It’s definitely a real problem.”

The Walking Dead Season 3 will return to Fox in February. The Walking Season 2 is available on DVD priced £24.99 and Blu-ray priced £27.99 from Amazon.co.uk.