Spoiler: Lost – S06E03

Episode 03: What Kate Does

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Picture 3Episode 03: What Kate Does
US Air Date: 09 February 2010
Writer: Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz
Director: Paul Edwards

Following her escape from LAX, Kate is on the run but feeling bad at having held Clarie hostage. Over at the island a disgruntled Sawyer escapes the temple. Subsequently, Kate, Jin and some temple grunts are sent on a mission to reclaim him. Dogan summons Sayid and subjects him to some strange torture methods, afterwards he is told that he has passed a test – but really hasn’t. Back in LA Kate finds Claire and gives her back her bag, while across on the island Kate and Jin escape from their captors and split up. Jack tries to find out why Sayid was tortured and Dogan responds by asking him to give Sayid a strange pill. In LA, Claire goes into labour and Kate takes her to hospital, here the two form a bond. At the temple Jack finds out that Dogan and co want to kill Sayid, as they believe he has been “claimed”. Jin is soon found by his captors but before they can do him harm, they are shot down by a ragged looking Claire.

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