Spoiler: Lost – S06E02

Episode 02: LA X (2)

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Picture 2Episode 02: LA X (2)
US Air Date: 02 February 2010
Writer: Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse
Director: Jack Bender

As the island survivors head to the temple we cut back to LAX, where it appears that Jack’s father’s coffin has been misplaced. At the airport Kate manages to give the marshal the slip, and a cheeky meeting with Sawyer follows. On the island Sawyer buries Juliet, and asks Miles to communicate with her. Miles informs Sawyer that Juliet’s final words were: “It worked.” At the temple the survivors meet mysterious leader Dogan; following a standoff Dogan realises Sayid surviving is imperative to some kind of higher order. Over at LAX Jin isn’t having much luck either, and finds himself held at customs for having undeclared money in his luggage. On the island attempts to save Sayid fail – he is submerged in a sacred pool – and things look bleak at the statue when Locke tells Ben he wants to go home. Locke then leaves the temple and exerts his power over Richard Alpert. This double-bill ends on a shocking note as Sayid comes back from the dead.

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