Spoiler: Lost – S06E01

Episode 01: LA X (1)

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Picture 1Episode 01: LA X (1)
US Air Date: 02 February
Writer: Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse
Director: Jack Bender

Jack is sat aboard Oceanic Flight 815 and is nervous. Following some brief turbulence the plane stabilises and remains on course for Los Angeles. A whip pan takes us under the sea where we see the remains of the island. Back at the Swan site and Jack, Sawyer and Kate come to their senses – the plan has failed. Back at the van and Hurley receives a vision of Jacob; he orders the survivors to take the injured Sayid to a temple on the island. This event is followed by Juliet’s untimely death in the arms of Sawyer. Over at the statue and Ben can only look on in awe as the man in black/Locke morphs into the smoke monster, and dispatches four armed survivors. Back on the plane and we see it land safely in Los Angeles. Jin and Sun get up to leave, as does a handcuffed Kate, a disgruntled Charlie, Boone, Jack, Bernard, Rose and, lastly, the wheelchair-bound Locke.

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