Man Of Steel 2: Lost’s Terry O’Quinn is up for Lex Luthor

Lost star Terry O’Quinn rumoured for Lex Luthor role in Batman Vs Superman

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Terry O'Quinn in ABC's 666 Park Avenue
Terry O’Quinn in ABC’s 666 Park Avenue

Lex Luthor rumours are swirling around every actor with a shiny bonce, and now the latest potential nemesis for Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman follow-up to Man Of Steel has been named.

According to the Superman Supersite, Lost and 666 Park Avenue star¬†Terry O’Quinn is on the shortlist of actors being considered for the role of Lex Luthor in the Man Of Steel sequel.

The site itself cautions readers to treat this strictly as a rumour. Wise words, so we’ll do the same‚Ķ

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