Roman Coppola nearly made a Doctor Strange film

Doctor Strange movie was nearly directed by Francis Ford Coppola’s son

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Doctor Strange movie
Doctor Strange on the cover of 1972′s Marvel Premier issue 3

Speaking to MoviePlot, Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford Coppola and second unit director on¬†Bram Stoker’s Dracula The Darjeeling Limited, and The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou¬†revealed that he had very nearly made a Doctor Strange movie back in the Nineties.

‘I was a huge¬†comic¬†book¬†fan growing up, within reason,” said Coppola. “I was a fan of¬†Spider-Man¬†and all that stuff.

“Actually, I met Stan Lee 15 or 20 years ago when Marvel had the worst reputation for their adaptations. They had made a really terrible Fantastic Four movie and some other things. I met him with my dad and we said, ‘Oh, wow, I wish we could be involved. How great would it be to make a really accurate version of one of these films?’

“I had the aspirations to make a Doctor¬†Strange movie, which I worked on quite a bit. I ended up coming out on the other side, since I told someone I was working on a¬†comic¬†book¬†movie and they said, ‘Do you really want to work for a studio to get pushed around for three years and not make something that’s personal?’ To make a movie like that where I could really use my sensibility would be fantastic. That type of work now is a product, and there’s a manner in which it’s made. Now I think it’d be better to spend those three years to do something better.”

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