Doctor Who Series 7: Harry Potter’s David Bradley is a [spoiler]

Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones star David Bradley reveals some spoilers about his role in episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 7.

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David Bradley Argus Filch Doctor Who
David Bradley as Argus Filch in the Harry Potter series.

Steven Moffat already leaked some details about episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 7 – ‘Dinosaurs On A Plane’ – but now guest star David Bradley, who played caretaker Argus Filch in the Harry Potter movies and the lecherous Walder Frey in Game Of Thrones Season 1, has got on in the act, revealing a few details about his character, Solomon.

“He is a space pirate,” Bradley told the Warwick University podcast.

“We’ve modelled [him] on a well-known nightclub owner with long hair. He has lots of scars [and] he wears black leather like an old rocker.

“He… runs a ship the size of Canada,” Bradley continued. “He has two giant robots who are a bit rusty.”

This isn’t David Bradley’s first visit to the Whoniverse, either, having voiced Shansheeth Blue in The Sarah Jane Adventures‘ emotional two-part story ‘The Death Of The Doctor’.

Doctor Who Series 7 is airing late August on BBC One HD and BBC America.

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